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Blue Gray Grantcatcher

Blue Gray Grantcatcher – Looking for Food

Blue Gray Grantcatcher is very small songbird. For me this is first time encounter to this bird. This bird was stepping over among apple tree branches for seeking food insects. Even though this bird didn’t pay attention much to me, he restlessly moving branch to branch so it was very hard to find good photo chances.

Around these apple trees there were also several Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds and often this Blue Gray Grantcatcher was chased by these Hummingbirds in the dense apple tree branches even though Blue Gray Grantcatcher is bigger than Hummingbirds.

Blue Gray Grantcatcher

Blue Gray Grantcatcher on the Edge of Roof

Blue Gray Grantcatcher

Blue Gray Grantcatcher – Just Took Off

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