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Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadees are one of the most popular birds for my feeders in all seasons and the most peaceful bird. I have never seen Carolina Chickadee is fighting with other bird species (but among the Carolina Chickadees they often fight each other for foods). Actually I often saw that even hummingbirds chase Carolina Chickadees when they were on a perch. So it is hard for them to find a chance for flying down on feeders. They have to wait on a perch until other birds fly away from the feeders and when they find a short second chance they fly down on a feeder and pick a sunflower seed or a piece of peanut up and hurriedly fly away from there.

Carolina Chickadee- I'm Waiting

Carolina Chickadee- I’m Waiting

He(or she) is looking down a feeder where another bird is eating now.

Carolina Chickadee

Oh maybe I’ll have a chance soon.

The other bird on a feeder flied up on another perch so this Carolina Chickadee is ready go down on the feeder.

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee- Now is the chance

The other bird fly away from the perch and he finally get a chance.

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