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Hummingbirds are Very Friendly

As you can see in these photos, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are very friendly to me. They drink sugar nectar from the cup I'm holding with my left hand. When I go out from a door with sugar nector on my hand, they start flying around...
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Pine Siskin

Photos of Pine Siskins Photos of Pine Siskins I think the Pine Siskin is not so popular in this area (upper State of SC). I took these photos in early spring of last year(2015), but this year I never saw them so far.
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Photo of Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings are not so popular in this area (Upper SC) and I think they don't stay at a specific area but they always moving one area to another area. I have often come this place before but this is first time to encounter Cedar...
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Eastern Towhee in Snowfall

A Eastern Towhee showed up on a snowy day. I couldn't see this bird so often on usual days but this day of snowfall he came out from woodland area for looking for his food. He was enjoying scattered seeds on the snow with other...
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White Throated Sparrows in Snowfall

These photos of White Throated Sparrows were taken on February 12th of 2014. This day we had a lot of snow and many birds were struggling to find their foods in a cold snowy morning. And these White Throated Sparrows were one of them. They...
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Blue Gray Grantcatcher

Blue Gray Grantcatcher is very small songbird. For me this is first time encounter to this bird. This bird was stepping over among apple tree branches for seeking food insects. Even though this bird didn’t pay attention much to me, he restlessly moving branch to...
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My Bunny Had a Trouble on Left Eye?

I took these photos in early evening of late April. I often saw this bunny (provably same one) in morning, daytime, evening and dark night (when I came back home in night time, I saw several times this bunny in the headlight of my car)....
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Tufted Titmouse Likes Peanuts Very Much

Today (February 16th,2014) was great day so I decided to go out and to take some pictures of birds. First I tried to take photos of my birds feeders of my back yard. When I went out there are Chipping Sparrows, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees and...
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