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Colchicum Byzantinum – Autumn Crocus

Flowers of Autumn Crocus Colchicum Byzantinum is know as Autumn Crocus. As the name “Autumn Crocus” implies this cute plant blooms flowers in autumn season(I took these pictures in middle of October). Colchicum Byzantinum grows up to 15cm(6 inches) and blooms pink to pale purple...
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Flowers of Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree blooms tulip-like flowers during spring season. The sizes of these flowers are almost same as real tulip flowers. These flowers are pretty showy in green foliage of tulip tree when they bloom. The trunk of a tulip tree is usually strait and this...
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Flowers of Crocus Vernus – Dutch Crocus

Crocus Vernus is an early spring flowering plant. The name of Dutch Crocus is a common name of this species and hybrid ones. This plant is very easy to grow, prefers full sun or partial shade area, and is used several purposes such as boarder...
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Japanese False Aster – Kalimeris incisa

Kalimeris incisa grows up to 90cm(3 feet) height and 45cm (1.5 feet) width and blooms white or pale blue color flowers in late spring through fall season. This plant prefers to grows in full sun or partial shade area and most of soil types are...
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Flower of Manchurian Lilac – Miss Kim

Manchurian Lilac- Miss Kim is native to Korea and Northern China. “Miss Kim” is a heat tolerant dwarf lilac and blooms fragrant white to lavender color cluster flowers in spring through early summer season. This Lilac is deciduous plant and prefers to grow in full...
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Japanese Sweet Potato

These pictures are flowers and leaves of Japanese Sweet Potato. Japanese Sweet Potato is also known as Dry Sweet Potato because the potato contains less water compared to American Sweet Potato. The fresh color of Japanese sweet Potato is creamy white. I think the taste...
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Flowers of Sazanqua(Sasanqua)

Sazanqua(Sasanqua) is a kind of Camellia. This plant is evergreen shrub and grows up to 3~5m height. Sazanqua(Sasanqua) is native to Japan and we call this shrub 山茶花(さざんか-sazanqua) in Japan. This plant is very popular in Japan and often planted as hedge plant or garden...
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Pink Flowers of Celosia – Flamingo Feather

Celosia is easy to grow plant and it doesn’t need almost any care after sowing seeds in your garden in spring after frost left. Celosia is annual herbaceous plant and grow about 60cm (2 feet) height. This plant prefers to grow well in full sun...
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Pink Flowers of Gomphrena globosa

Gomphrena globosa is also known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button (this name is also used for some other plants). In Japan we call this plant as “千日紅(sennichikou)”; 千 means thousand, 日 means days and 紅 means crimson (or red) because we can enjoy these...
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