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Photo for a Carnivorous Plant

This picture of Carnivorous Plant is a Pitcher Plant. As you already know Carnivorous Plants catch insects and change them as their nutrition. When I took this photo I saw several dead bees are inside of pitcher leaves already. In Japan we call these types...
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Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Variegated Solomon's Seal is perennial herbaceous plant and forms colony with its root system. This plant prefers to grow in shade area. Variegated Solomon's Seal has white flowers (as you can see on the picture) in spring and they are lined tidily along the stem...
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Cast-Iron Plant

Cast-Iron Plant is popular evergreen garden plant in Japan. This plant is very easy to grow in shaded area; it needs almost no care at all. Cast-Iron Plant often used as ground cover or pot plant. In Japan we call this plant as "Haran (葉蘭)"...
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Japanese Sweet Flag

Japanese Sweet Flag is perennial grass like plant. This plant prefers to grow in wet areas even though it can grow regular garden if you give it plenty of water everyday. The leaves of Japanese Sweet Flag are about 30cm (one foot) long and some...
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Red Berries of Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is popular plant in Japan and we enjoy this plant by developing its leaves in several color patterns even though the red berries of this plant are also attractive as you can see on the picture. We call Sacred Lily as “Omoto (万年青)”...
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English Ivy

English Ivy is not native plant of USA but by its invasive character, this Ivy is very popular in the states which face Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. English Ivy is a evergreen plant so when it climb up some old building it create some...
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Leaves of Japanese Holly Fern

Japanese Holly Fern is dark green evergreen beautiful fern and good for house plant. It forms 60cm (2 feet) height and 90cm (3 feet) width round mound and like partial shade or full shaded area.
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Scouring Rush

Scouring Rush grows up to 1.2m (4feet) in the area of full sun and wet land. This plant has strong root system and tough for surviving and has few pest and disease problems.
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Fuzzy Lamb’s Ear Leaves

This fuzzy leaves plant is Lamb's Ear. Lamb's Ear is planted for the sake of this fuzziness and used as ground cover. This perennial plant has strong invasive tendency by spreading seeds profusely so you need special attention when planning to plant Lamb's Ear.
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Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is evergreen clumps and easy to take care of it. You can plant Sacred Lily in shaded area or partially shaded area and don’t need any attention after that. This plant has red berries in fall through winter.
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