Chinese Fringe Flower

Chinese Fringe Flower is a shrubs and grow about 3m (10 feet) high. This shrub is sometime called Chinese Witch Haz...

Confederate Rose Flower

Confederate rose (Hibiscus Mutabilis) is a kind of shrubs. You can enjoy many different colors of flowers from white...

Japanese Plum Yew

Japanese Plum Yew is an evergreen shrub. This plant grow well in partially shaded area where the soil drainage is g...

Japanese Fatsia

Japanese Fatsia grows well even in shadow area and the height is about 3m (10 feet). It is not difficult to grow in ...

Kalm St. Johnswort

Sorry for the bad quality picture. I tried to focus on the flower of Kalm St. Johnswort, but my camera focused on th...

Little Leaf Boxwood

We can see this shrubs in many places such as park as a hedge tree. Sometime this shrub is called as Japanese Boxwoo...
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