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Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is evergreen clumps and easy to take care of it. You can plant Sacred Lily in shaded area or partially shaded area and don’t need any attention after that. This plant has red berries in fall through winter.
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Woodsman Magnolia

Woodsman Magnolia is not so popular I think. This Magnolia grows relatively slower than other Magnolia. It has light pink-purplish flowers in May.
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Purple Beautyberry

Purple Beautyberry is very beautiful shrub when it has pale purple berries along its branches as you can see on the picture. This shrub grows up to 1.5m (5feet) in the area of full sun or partial shade and has tiny flowers in summer season.
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Berries of Heavenly Bamboo

We call Heavenly Bamboo as “Nanten (南天)”. In Japan we are using whole of this plant as some medicines even though the leaves of this tree contains some toxic substances. This is very popular shrub and plants in Japan as a garden tree. And the...
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Foster’s Holly

Foster's Holly grows up to 9m (30 feet) height 6m (20 feet) wide. The shape of this tree is beautiful pyramidal so this evergreen tree is good as hedge tree or accent tree in your yard.
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Dwarf Chinese Holly

This photo is for Dwarf Chinese Holly. This evergreen shrub grows up to 1.2 m (4feet) height. This holly has bright shiny green leaves and often used as low height hedge tree. Female trees produce beautiful red berries in winter. To have berries you need...
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