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Japanese False Aster – Kalimeris incisa

Kalimeris incisa grows up to 90cm(3 feet) height and 45cm (1.5 feet) width and blooms white or pale blue color flowers in late spring through fall season. This plant prefers to grows in full sun or partial shade area and most of soil types are...
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Flower of Manchurian Lilac – Miss Kim

Manchurian Lilac- Miss Kim is native to Korea and Northern China. “Miss Kim” is a heat tolerant dwarf lilac and blooms fragrant white to lavender color cluster flowers in spring through early summer season. This Lilac is deciduous plant and prefers to grow in full...
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Japanese Sweet Potato

These pictures are flowers and leaves of Japanese Sweet Potato. Japanese Sweet Potato is also known as Dry Sweet Potato because the potato contains less water compared to American Sweet Potato. The fresh color of Japanese sweet Potato is creamy white. I think the taste...
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Flowers of Sazanqua(Sasanqua)

Sazanqua(Sasanqua) is a kind of Camellia. This plant is evergreen shrub and grows up to 3~5m height. Sazanqua(Sasanqua) is native to Japan and we call this shrub 山茶花(さざんか-sazanqua) in Japan. This plant is very popular in Japan and often planted as hedge plant or garden...
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Photo of Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings are not so popular in this area (Upper SC) and I think they don't stay at a specific area but they always moving one area to another area. I have often come this place before but this is first time to encounter Cedar...
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Eastern Towhee in Snowfall

A Eastern Towhee showed up on a snowy day. I couldn't see this bird so often on usual days but this day of snowfall he came out from woodland area for looking for his food. He was enjoying scattered seeds on the snow with other...
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White Throated Sparrows in Snowfall

These photos of White Throated Sparrows were taken on February 12th of 2014. This day we had a lot of snow and many birds were struggling to find their foods in a cold snowy morning. And these White Throated Sparrows were one of them. They...
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