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Fructo Albo Japanese Aucuba

Japanese Aucuba - Fructo Albo

These plant photos are for Japanese Aucuba. This plant is an evergreen shrub and popular landscape plant. As you can see on the pictures, several cultivars of Japanese Aucuba are developed for enjoying their beautiful foliages, red berries and late winter flowers. Japanese Aucuba prefers to grow in partially or fully shaded area and grow up to 3m (10 feet) height and width (usually 1.8m height and width) and forms rounded shape.

We call Japanese Aucuba as “青木(Aoki)” in Japan and this shrub is very popular as a garden plant and often planted in public parks.

Berries of Japanese Aucuba

Berries of Japanese Aucuba - Fructo Albo

Fructo Albo Japanese Aucuba

Foliage of Fructo Albo Japanese Aucuba

Lance Leaf Japanese Aucuba

Japanese Aucuba - Lance Leaf

Red Berries of Japanese Aucuba

Red Berries of Japanese Aucuba - Lance Leaf

Berries of Rozannie Japanese Aucuba

Berries of Japanese Aucuba - Rozannie

Rozannie Japanese Aucuba

Foliages of Japanese Aucuba - Rozannie

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