Spring is the Season for Azalea

Different sizes and colors of azalea flowers are full bloom now. They are very beautiful in this season of the year. ...

Flowers of Azalea

Azalea is a very popular flowering shrub and found in many countries of the world. Most of the species of Azalea prefe...

Korean Azalea

Korean Azalea is a low maintenance evergreen (semi-evergreen)shrub and have pink or pink-purple color flowers in sprin...

Flowers of Hybrid Azalea

These flowers are one of Hybrid Azalea. This Hybrid Azalea grows 3m (10 feet) height and widths in full sun or partial...

Flowers of Florida Azalea

Florida Azalea is a deciduous shrub and grows 3m (10 feet) height and width. This azalea prefers partial shade area an...

Encore Autumn Ruby Azalea

Encore Autumn Ruby Azalea is evergreen shrub and grows 75cm (2.5 feet) height and 90cm (3 feet)width. This plant prefe...
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