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Flowers of Evergreen Clematis

Evergreen Clematis is evergreen vine plant. As you can see on the picture Evergreen Clematis has beautiful white flowers which have nice fragrant in spring season. These flowers attract bees and butterflies well so if you want attract these tiny guests in your garden, Evergreen...
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White Redbud

White Redbud is a white version of Redbud. This plant grows about 6m (20 feet) height and width and prefers in full sun or partial shade area and well drained properly moisture soil. This deciduous tree bloom white flowers in early spring. Here is better...
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Japanese Flowering Cherry

Japanese Flowering Cherry is Japanese National flower and every Japanese likes this flower. Many ancient Japanese people included this flower in their "Tanka(短歌) or Waka(和歌)" (a Japanese style poem). We call is tree as "Sakura (桜)" and often used as names for girls. This tree...
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Japanese Tanbark Oak

This photo is for Japanese Tanbark Oak. Japanese Tanbark Oak is evergreen tree and even though this tree is called as oak, actually Tanbark Oak is not a oak (but close to oak). This tree grows 9m (30 feet) or height or more and 7.5m...
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Leaves of Mexican Orange

Mexican-Orange is evergreen shrub and grows about 4.5m (15 feet) height and 3m (10 feet) width. This shrub is beautiful landscaping shrub as you can see on the picture and the round growing habit is also good as garden plant. By controlling the sun exposure...
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Dwarf Cherry Laurel

Dwarf Cherry Laurel is often called as English Laurel. This plant is an evergreen shrub and grows 1.2m (4 feet) height and 2.4m (8 feet) width and popular as a hedge plant, ground cover and some other purposes. As you can see some flower buds...
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Red Spruce

Red Spruce is popular evergreen tree in North Eastern America and growing 40m (130 feet) height. This tree has short needle-like leaves which extend to all sides of twig. This tree are often used as Christmas tree and also used for making acoustic guitars.
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Hardy Pittosporum

Hardy Pittosporum is evergreen shrub and very good as landscape plant and hedge plant. Hardy Pittosporum grows 3.6m (12 feet) height and width and has fragrant flowers in spring.
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Red Berries of Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is popular plant in Japan and we enjoy this plant by developing its leaves in several color patterns even though the red berries of this plant are also attractive as you can see on the picture. We call Sacred Lily as “Omoto (万年青)”...
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Meserve Holly

Meserve Holly is known as Blue Holly because the leaves color of this holly are bluish green. This holly is a hybrid shrub for adding cold hardiness to a beautiful holly. So this holly can be grown in northern USA area easily. Meserve Holly Grows...
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