Foliage of Florida Anise

Pictures of Florida Anise foliage Florida Anise is also called Purple Anise, Stink Bush and Star Anise etc. This pl...

Everblooming Banana Shrub

Banana Shrub is evergreen flowering shrub and the flowers of the plant are very alike the ones of magnolia even though the sizes of them are very small.

Flowers of Spring Sonata Indian Hawthorne

Spring Sonata Indian Hawthorne is evergreen hybrid shrub and grows 1.8m (6 feet) height and width. This shrub forms ve...

Buds of Japanese Plum Yew

Japanese Plum Yew is evergreen easy to care shrub and grows in full sun to full shade area. This plant will not get da...

Flowers of Dwarf Courtesy Leaf

These tiny green flowers are Dwarf Courtesy Leaf flowers. Dwarf Courtesy Leaf is evergreen compact shrub and grows 90c...

Flowers of Evergreen Clematis

Evergreen Clematis is evergreen vine plant. As you can see on the picture Evergreen Clematis has beautiful white flowe...

Phlox Subulata Emerald Pink

Phlox Subulata Emerald Pink is an evergreen perennial plant and good for ground cover. The flowers of Phlox Subulata ...
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Cast-Iron Plant

Cast-Iron Plant is popular evergreen garden plant in Japan. This plant is very easy to grow in shaded area; it needs ...
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Red Berries of Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is popular plant in Japan and we enjoy this plant by developing its leaves in several color patterns even...
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English Ivy

English Ivy is not native plant of USA but by its invasive character, this Ivy is very popular in the states which fa...
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