Flower of Manchurian Lilac – Miss Kim

Manchurian Lilac blooms fragrant flowers in spring through early summer.

Beautiful Flower of Dahlia

Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers because I think the flowers of dahlia are very gorgeous as you can see on these p...

Purple Flower of Aster

Aster is a perennial flowering plant of sunflower family. This plant blooms flower from end of summer to frost season....

Flowers of Platycodon

Platycodon is well known as Balloon Flower or Bellflower. This flowering plant is an easy to grow perennial plant and ...

Purple Flowers of Passion Flower

Passion Flowers are perennial vine plants and know several species in the world. They are tropical plant and prefer to...

Flower of Shrubby St. Johnswort

Shrubby St. Johnswort is a deciduous shrub and prefers to grow in full sun or partial shade area and reaches 1.2m (4fe...

Flower of Daylily – Hemerocallis

Daylily is native to Europe and East Asia and huge numbers of cultivars are developed through worldwide. Even though ...

Flower of Japanese Stewartia

Japanese Stewartia is a deciduous tree and very good as landscape plant for it beautiful white flowers in late spring ...

Flower of Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia (also called Bull Bay) is an evergreen tree and grows up to 27m (90 feet) height. Southern Magnolia...

Flower of Pineapple Guava

Pineapple Guava is also known as Feijoa and cultivated in several areas of the world for it flowers and fruits even ...
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