holly leaf tea olive


Fragrant Tea Olive – Gin Mokusei

Fragrant Tea Olive grows up to 9m (30feet) but slowly. This tree has flower in autumn and spread strong great fragran...

False Holly Tea Olive – Sasaba

These are leaves of Sasaba False Holly Tea Olive. This tree grow slowly up to 3m (10 feet) in the area of partial shad...

Fragrant Tea Olive

Fragrant Tea Olive is a popular tree in Japan and I think everyone like this tree because the flowers of this tree ha...

Goshiki False Holly Tea Olive

Goshiki False Holly Tea Olive is of course a kind of False Holly Tea Olive. The word "Goshiki" is a Japanese word an...

Young Leaves of False Holly Tea Olive

These leaves are young leaves of False Holly Tea Olive. The adult leaves are less spiny and smoother edges. This eve...
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