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Herbal Plant Yarrow

Yarrow is well known herbal perennial plant and usually grow 60-120cm height and width. Yarrow is very easy care and low maintenance plant and you can even plant it in the area where is low soil fertility and relatively dry place. Yarrows usually bloom flowers...
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Leaves of Japanese Torreya

Japanese Torreya is a very slow growing evergreen tree. As a landscaping tree, it grows up to 9m (30 feet) height and width, but in nature field Japanese Torreya reaches 25m (83 feet) height and forms pyramidal shape. The leaves of this tree are hard...
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Leaves of Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose is the English name of this plant but this plant is actually not the family of rose (Actually Lenten Rose is a member of butter cup family). Lenten Rose is a perennial evergreen plant and prefers to grow in shade area and grows...
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Leaves of Begonias

Begonia is a popular flowering perennial plant. There are more than 1500 cultivated species in the world and not only we can enjoy their showy colorful flowers, also some of them have beautiful unique leaves. Even though the origins of most species of Begonia are...
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Leaves of Powis Castle

Powis Castle is a kind of Artemisia (Artemesia) and an evergreen perennial plant. Powis Castle grows up to 90cm (3 feet) heights and 3m (10 feet) width if not properly pruned. This plant prefers to grow poor to moderately poor, dry to moderately dry and...
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Leaves of Willowleaf Sweetbox

Willowleaf Sweetbox is not so popular and not often planted in USA. This plant is an evergreen shrub and grows up to 12m (40 feet) height and width. As you can see on the picture Willowleaf Sweetbox has shiny beautiful willow leaf like leaves as...
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Leaves of Red Lotus Tree

Red Lotus Tree is a kind of evergreen Magnolia. You can see the picture of Red Lotus Tree here. I think that this tree is not so popular in USA yet but this tree is great as garden or landscaping tree. As you can see...
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Leaves of Pumpkin Ash

Pumpkin Ash is a deciduous tree and grows fast and reaches 30m (100 feet) height and 15m (50 feet) width in 15 to 20 years if the growing condition is good. Pumpkin Ash prefers to grow in wet area and often forms pumpkin shaped "base"...
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Leaves of Broadpetal Lily Tree

Broadpetal Lily Tree is an attractive new ornamental plant. This evergreen small tree is a kind of magnolia and grows relatively fast and reaches up to 9m (30 feet) tall and 4.5m (15 feet) width. Broadpetal Lily Tree blooms beautiful and fragrant 10 to 15cm...
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