Pink Flowers


Pink Yae-Zakura – Japanese Flowering Cherry

These pink flowers are Yae-Zakura (八重桜) – Japanese Flowering Cherry. Here you can see white flowers of Japanese Flower...

Pink flowers of Redbud

Redbud flowers are very showy as you can see on the picture and Redbud is used as landscape and ornamental tree. This ...

Beautiful Chinese Fringe Flowers

Chinese Fringe Flowers (or known as Loropetalum) is evergreen shrub and you can enjoy beautiful pink flowers and dens...

White Flowers of Japanese Apricot

These white flowers are Japanese Apricot. You can see pink version of these flowers on the old post. The flowers of Ja...

Pink Flowers of Japanese Apricot

These pink flowers are Japanese Apricot (sorry for bad photo quality). Japanese Apricot bloom in late winter and the f...
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