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Flowers of Japanese Viburnum

Japanese Viburnum is a perennial flowering deciduous shrub and grows up to 2.4 m (8 feet) height and width. This shrub needs full sun or partial shade area for healthy growing and good flowering. The leaves of Japanese Viburnum is dark green and glossy and...
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Flowers of Japanese Barberry

Japanese Barberry is an invasive deciduous shrub and grows full sun to shade area and grows on almost any type of soil. The red berries of Japanese Barberry are preferred by birds and the seeds are carried by them. Japanese Barberry reaches 1.2m (4 feet)...
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White Flowers of Fragrant Snowbell

Fragrant Snowbell is a deciduous tree and reaches 10m (33 feet) height and 6m (20 feet) width. Fragrant Snowbell is often used as patio tree for it’s fragrant bell shaped white flowers (as you can see on the picture) which bloom in spring and last...
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Flowers of Hybrid Azalea

These flowers are one of Hybrid Azalea. This Hybrid Azalea grows 3m (10 feet) height and widths in full sun or partial shade area and have flowers in spring.
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Flower Buds of Slender Deutzia

Slender Deutzia has showy fragrant white flowers in spring to summer. This shrub is low maintenance shrub and grows to 1.2m (4 feet) height and width in full sun or partial shade area and prefers to form group. Slender Deutzia is often used as border...
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Encore Autumn Ruby Azalea

Encore Autumn Ruby Azalea is evergreen shrub and grows 75cm (2.5 feet) height and 90cm (3 feet)width. This plant prefers to grow in full sun or partial shade area and have beautiful ruby red flowers (as you can see on the picture) in spring to...
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Flower of Raulston’s Sweetshrub

Raulston's Sweetshrub is often called as Hartlage Wine Sweetbush or Raulston's Allspice (because the flower is wine color and has sweet smell). Flower of Raulston's Sweetshrub bloom in spring and as you can see the flowers of this shrub look like a paper crafted flower....
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White flowers of Chinese Snowball Viburnum

Chinese Snowball Viburnum blooms beautiful white flowers which form round ball like shapes, from spring to early summer as you can see on this picture. Chinese Snowball Viburnum is deciduous (often treated as semi-evergreen shrub in southern area) shrub and grows 4.5m (15 feet) height...
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Flowers of Purpleblow Maple

Purpleblow Maple is, like other maples, deciduous tree and grows 7.5m (25 feet) height and width. This male prefers to grow in full sun or partial shade area and forms round shape. As the name implies, young leaves of this maple is purple red color...
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Beautiful Chinese Fringe Flowers

Chinese Fringe Flowers (or known as Loropetalum) is evergreen shrub and you can enjoy beautiful pink flowers and dense foliage. Chinese Fringe Flowers is easy to grow and almost pest free shrub and prefers acid soil in full sun or partial shade area.
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