Leaves and Bud Photos for Cardoon – Cynara Cardunculus

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Bud of Cardoon

A Bud of Cynara Cardunculus

Foliage of Cynara Cardunculus

Cardoon in Early Spring

Cardoon is a herbaceous perennial plant and can grow in full-sun area. This plant is native to Mediterranean and drought tolerate so prefers well drain moderately moist soil. Cardoon grows 1.8m (6 feet) tall and 1.5m (5 feet) wide and as you can see on the pictures, leaves of this plant are very large and these leaves are used as vegetable as well as other parts of this plant (roots, stems and flowers are also edible). This plant blooms thistle like showy large flowers from summer to autumn season.

Cynara Cardunculus can propagate from seeds but the plant prefers to grow in moderately warm area so the sowing should be done after frost season has gone or should start germination indoor.


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