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Flower of Manchurian Lilac – Miss Kim

Manchurian Lilac- Miss Kim is native to Korea and Northern China. “Miss Kim” is a heat tolerant dwarf lilac and bloo...

Japanese Sweet Potato

These pictures are flowers and leaves of Japanese Sweet Potato. Japanese Sweet Potato is also known as Dry Sweet Pot...

Chinese Aucuba

Species of Aucuba are evergreen shrubs or small trees. They are native east Asia. These pictures are for Chinese Aucu...
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Leaves of Baldcypress

Baldcypress is a deciduous tree unlike other cypresses, so the Bald cypress drop leaves in winter as the name implying...
Plant Others

Photo for a Carnivorous Plant

This picture of Carnivorous Plant is a Pitcher Plant. As you already know Carnivorous Plants catch insects and change ...

White Flowers of Oleander

This photo is white color version of Oleander. You can see pink color flowers of Oleander here. Oleander is also known...

Flowers of Hardy Pittosporum

Hardy Pittosporum is an evergreen shrub and has tolerance to salt so often used as a hedge or screen plant in coastal ...

Flowers of Lamb’s Ear

Lamb's Ear is a perennial herb and has tiny red or white flowers in late spring to early summer and they are not showy...

Flowers of Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple

These red tiny flowers are Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple. You can see leaves photo for Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple here.

Pink flowers of Redbud

Redbud flowers are very showy as you can see on the picture and Redbud is used as landscape and ornamental tree. This ...
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