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Backside of Leaves of False Arborvitae

This picture show you the backside of the leaves of False Arborvitae. As you can see the backside of leave is white. S...

Leaves of False Arborviate

False Arborviate is sometime treated as shrub in USA because this tree was developed in many ways and created ornamen...

False Holly Tea Olive – Sasaba

These are leaves of Sasaba False Holly Tea Olive. This tree grow slowly up to 3m (10 feet) in the area of partial shad...

Goshiki False Holly Tea Olive

Goshiki False Holly Tea Olive is of course a kind of False Holly Tea Olive. The word "Goshiki" is a Japanese word an...

Young Leaves of False Holly Tea Olive

These leaves are young leaves of False Holly Tea Olive. The adult leaves are less spiny and smoother edges. This eve...
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