Picture Flower


Female Flower of Cucumber

This photo is for a female flower of cucumber. As you can see on this picture, female flower has already baby cucumber...

Flower of Stewartia

Stewartia is a deciduous tree and grows 6m (20 feet) height and 4m (13 feet) width and forms pyramidal or oval shape. ...

Giant Cocks Comb Flower

This flower is Giant Cocks Comb. You can see another picture of Cocks Comb flower.

White Portulaca Flower

Picture of white Portulaca flower. Portulaca flowers are many color variation. They bloom from spring to autumn so y...

Whitey Flowers of Albizzia Julibrissin

This is whitey Albizzia Julibrissin flower picture. Albizzia Julibrissin flower doesn't have any petal at all but is...
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