Carolina Wren Start Building Their Nest

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Plastic Bag and Bird Nest

Carolina Wren Start Building Their Nest inside of a Bag

Can you understand why I posted these plastic bag photos on this site? Please look inside of the bag carefully. You may easily recognize an extension cable in the bag but the center of it you can see something trashy things. They are dead leaves and grasses etc which are carried in the bag by Carolina Wrens. I don’t know when they started building nest but today I saw a Carolina Wren carrying some dead leaves and he went inside the plastic bag. So I recognized he is trying to build his home inside it.

I hope they can build their nest and bring up their chicks successfully. I’ll occasionally post their progress on this site until they leave here.

Plastic Bag and Bird Nest

Nice Home for Carolina Wren


Yesterday (4-14-2013) provably one of this Carolina Wren pair was killed by a cat. I saw a cat attacked a Carolina Wren which was trying to gather dead grass for his nest and I was worried about this tragedy and hoped that this Wren was not the same Wren which was building the nest inside a plastic bag of my house. But this morning I couldn’t hear his beautiful song and one Carolina Wren came close to the bag (but never go inside) and left there. After that no Carolina Wren came close the bag today so I think the Wren which was killed by a cat is the wren which was trying to build a nest inside the plastic bag.

I’m so disappointed now. Each spring season of these years, a pair of Carolina Wren brought their chicks to my bird feeders and I enjoyed their visit very much. But this year I had this tragedy.


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