Flower Photo

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Japanese False Aster – Kalimeris incisa

Kalimeris incisa grows up to 90cm(3 feet) height and 45cm (1.5 feet) width and blooms white or pale blue color flowers i...

Female Flower of Cucumber

This photo is for a female flower of cucumber. As you can see on this picture, female flower has already baby cucumber o...

Flower of Daisy Drakensberg

This photo is for a flower of Daisy Drakensberg.
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Flower of Butter Gold Rose

Rose is a perennial shrub or vine and known many kind of species all over the world. The flower of this photo is called ...

Flowers of Japanese Flowering Crabapple

These beautiful light pink flowers are Japanese Flowering Crabapple. Japanese Flowering Crabapple is a good landscaping ...

Flower of Woodsman Magnolia

This photo is Flower of Woodsman Magnolia. You can see another picture for leaves of Woodsman Magnolia here.

Flower of Lily Magnolia

This photo is a flower of Lily Magnolia. You can see flower bud picture in the previous post. This plant prefers to grow...

Fruits of Kousa Dogwood

This photo is beautiful fruits of Kousa Dogwood. Seeing these fruits from a distance is cheerful and beautiful.

Fruits of Chinese Fringe Tree

These are fruits of Chinese Fringe Tree. Only female trees bear fruits. Birds like to eat these dark color ripened fruit...

Again Confederate Rose

Again Confederate Rose flower photo. This time a little bit too dark? Sorry again.
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