Green Girl

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Flowers of American Holly

These tiny white flowers are American Holly’s ones. You can see Yellow and red berries photos of American Holly by click...

Foster’s Holly

Foster's Holly grows up to 9m (30 feet) height 6m (20 feet) wide. The shape of this tree is beautiful pyramidal so this ...

Goshiki False Holly Tea Olive

Goshiki False Holly Tea Olive is of course a kind of False Holly Tea Olive. The word "Goshiki" is a Japanese word and it...

Yaupon Holly

Yaupon Holly is drought tolerance and often used as hedge plant by trimming densely. This tree grows up to 4m (13 feet) ...

Japanese Holly

Japanese Holly is a evergreen shrub and grow very slowly up to 4m in 20 years. This shrub has a habit of dense branches ...

Young Leaves of False Holly Tea Olive

These leaves are young leaves of False Holly Tea Olive. The adult leaves are less spiny and smoother edges. This evergre...
Plant Others

Japanese Holly Fern

Japanese Holly Fern is evergreen plant and good for as indoor plant.
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