Ground Cover

Cactus & Succulents

Sedum Telephium

Sedum Telephium is a perennial low maintenance plant and grows up to 60cm (2 feet) height and width. Sedum Telephium b...

Purple Flowers of Bugleweed

Bugleweed is a member of mint family and used as herb. Bugleweed is a perennial evergreen plant and has flowers (popul...

Dwarf Cherry Laurel

Dwarf Cherry Laurel is often called as English Laurel. This plant is an evergreen shrub and grows 1.2m (4 feet) height...

Himalayan Sweetbox

Himalayan Sweetbox is evergreen shrub even though this plant sometime is used as ground cover. Himalayan Sweetbox grow...
Plant Others

Cast-Iron Plant

Cast-Iron Plant is popular evergreen garden plant in Japan. This plant is very easy to grow in shaded area; it needs ...
Plant Others

Japanese Sweet Flag

Japanese Sweet Flag is perennial grass like plant. This plant prefers to grow in wet areas even though it can grow re...

Creeping Juniper

Creeping Juniper is great evergreen ground cover plant. It grows 0.6m (2 feet) height and 3m (10feet) width in full s...
Plant Others

Big Blue Lily Turf

Big Blue Lilyturf is easy to grow plant. This plant grow well in both area; full sun and shade area. They have purpl...


This is a flower of Vinca. Occasionally this plant is used as ground cover.
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