Flowers of Red Horsechestnut

This photo is cluster flowers of Red Horsechestnut. Red Horsechestnut blooms about 8 inches long cluster pink or red f...

Purple Flowers of Bugleweed

Bugleweed is a member of mint family and used as herb. Bugleweed is a perennial evergreen plant and has flowers (popul...

Flowers of Cavatine Pieris

Cavatine Pieris is cultivated from Japanese Pieris. Like as Japanese Pieris, this plant is evergreen shrub and has cut...

Leaves of Mexican Orange

Mexican-Orange is evergreen shrub and grows about 4.5m (15 feet) height and 3m (10 feet) width. This shrub is beautifu...

Courtesy Leaf

This leaves picture is for Courtesy Leaf. Courtesy Leaf is native plant of Taiwan and not popular in USA. This evergre...

Japanese Holly

Japanese Holly is a evergreen shrub and grow very slowly up to 4m in 20 years. This shrub has a habit of dense branc...
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