Holly Tree


Flowers of Nellie Stevens Holly

These white flowers are Nellie Stevens Holly’s ones. Nellie Steven's Holly is evergreen tree and native to USA. You ca...

Red Holly

Red Holly is a beautiful pyramidal shape evergreen tree so this holly is great garden plant. This holly tree grows up ...

Nepal Holly

Nepal Holly is an evergreen shrub or tree. It grows up to 9m (30 feet). Nepal Holly is popular tree in Japan, Korea an...

Lusterleaf Holly

Lusterleaf Holly is evergreen shrub grows up to 8m (27feet). This holly tree has relatively large leaves (10~15cm lon...

Red Berries of China Girl Holly

This photo is China Girl Holly so this holly tree is female. To have berries like this photo, you need to plant China ...

False Holly Tea Olive – Sasaba

These are leaves of Sasaba False Holly Tea Olive. This tree grow slowly up to 3m (10 feet) in the area of partial shad...
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