Flowers of Lilium Asiaticum – Asiatic Lily

Lilium Asiaticums are known as Asiatic Lilies and they have many cultivars. Lilium Asiaticums are wonderful plants fo...

Leaves of Broadpetal Lily Tree

Broadpetal Lily Tree is an attractive new ornamental plant. This evergreen small tree is a kind of magnolia and grows...

Flower of Lily Magnolia

This photo is a flower of Lily Magnolia. You can see flower bud picture in the previous post. This plant prefers to gr...

Flower Bud of Lily Magnolia

Original plant of Lily Magnolia is native to China and cultivated in several areas include Japan. And this Japanese cu...

Hemerocallis – Daylily

Hemerocallis are commonly known as Daylilies. It is said that there are more than sixty thousand cultivated species...
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