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Smiling Forest Lily Tree

Smiling Forest Lily Tree is a medium size Magnolia. This magnolia is an evergreen tree and grows 9m (30 feet) hei...

Flower of Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia (also called Bull Bay) is an evergreen tree and grows up to 27m (90 feet) height. Southern Magnolia...

Flower of Woodsman Magnolia

This photo is Flower of Woodsman Magnolia. You can see another picture for leaves of Woodsman Magnolia here.

Flower of Lily Magnolia

This photo is a flower of Lily Magnolia. You can see flower bud picture in the previous post. This plant prefers to gr...

Woodsman Magnolia

Woodsman Magnolia is not so popular I think. This Magnolia grows relatively slower than other Magnolia. It has light ...
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