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Another Japanese Flowering Cherry Photo

In Japan we have many cultivated Japanese Flowering Cherries (may be more than 200 kinds) and there are many famous pl...

Leaves of Incense Cedar Photo

Incense Cedar is found in Oregon and California and grows up to 30m (100 feet) height. As you can see on this picture...

One more Japanese Chestnut Photo

One more photo for Japanese Chestnut. Both of picture is not good at all—sorry. In near future I’ll take better one....

Another Tomato Flowers Photo

This photo is also for tomato flowers. Previous picture is not good so I took one more and the result is also not go...

Soapwort Flowers

Soapwort is a wild flower and known as a herbs. Some area they plant this flower in their garden and use it as soap...

Japanese Crepe Myrtle

As I mentioned in previous post, Crepe Myrtle trees are called "monkey slip tree (Saru Suberi)" in Japan. See now yo...
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