Red Flowers


Red Flowers of Bee Balm

Bee Balm is a perennial well known herbal plant among Native American. Bee Balm grows 90cm (3 feet) height in relative...

Flowers of Red Crossvine

Red Crossvine is a perennial (semi-)evergreen vine and grows up to 15m (50 feet) height in full sun or partial shade a...

Flowers of Lamb’s Ear

Lamb's Ear is a perennial herb and has tiny red or white flowers in late spring to early summer and they are not showy...

Flowers of Red Horsechestnut

This photo is cluster flowers of Red Horsechestnut. Red Horsechestnut blooms about 8 inches long cluster pink or red f...

Encore Autumn Ruby Azalea

Encore Autumn Ruby Azalea is evergreen shrub and grows 75cm (2.5 feet) height and 90cm (3 feet)width. This plant prefe...

Red Flowers of Painted Backeye

Painted Backeye is a deciduous shrub or small tree. Painted Backeye grows in full sun area and reaches 4.5m (15 feet) ...

Flowers of Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple

These red tiny flowers are Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple. You can see leaves photo for Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple here.

Flowers of Full Moon Maple

These tiny red flowers are Full Moon Maple. Usually we enjoy foliage of maples, but I think their flowers are also goo...

Red Cocks Comb Flowers

Red Cocks Comb flowers. We call Cocks Comb as "keito (鶏頭)". 鶏 means cock and 頭 means head. So the naming for this fl...

Red Cherry Sage Flowers

Another Sage. These bright red flowers attract hamming birds well.
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