Tiny Flowers


Flowers of Japanese Holly

These small flowers are Japanese Holly’s ones. These tiny flowers are not showy for human but they attract bees well. ...

Flowers of Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple

These red tiny flowers are Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple. You can see leaves photo for Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple here.

Flowers of Fragrant Winterhazel

Fragrant Winterhazel is called “Tosa-Mizuki (土佐水木)” in Japan and planted as a garden plant for enjoying it flowers (e...

Flowers of Leatherleaf Mahonia

Leatherleaf Mahonia is also known as “Beale's Barberry”. This plant is an evergreen shrub and grows about 3.6m (12 fe...

Purple Beautyberry

Purple Beautyberry is very beautiful shrub when it has pale purple berries along its branches as you can see on the...
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