Flowers of Hardy Pittosporum

Hardy Pittosporum is an evergreen shrub and has tolerance to salt so often used as a hedge or screen plant in coastal ...

White Flowers of Fragrant Snowbell

Fragrant Snowbell is a deciduous tree and reaches 10m (33 feet) height and 6m (20 feet) width. Fragrant Snowbell is of...

One more photo for Chinese Snowball Viburnum

Chinese Snowball Viburnum is low maintenance shrub and has tolerance against heat and rabbit. You can see other flowe...

Phlox Subulata Emerald Pink

Phlox Subulata Emerald Pink is an evergreen perennial plant and good for ground cover. The flowers of Phlox Subulata ...

Flowers of Cavatine Pieris

Cavatine Pieris is cultivated from Japanese Pieris. Like as Japanese Pieris, this plant is evergreen shrub and has cut...

Lance-Leaf Anise Tree

Lance-Leaf Anise Tree is evergreen shrub native to China and grows about 4.5m (15 feet) height. As the name implying,...
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