tupelo berries edible

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Paperbush – Ready for Spring

This Paperbush is ready for the coming spring. Flower buds are going to open when warmer days come and they are alread...

Yaupon Holly

This photo is showing the leaves and berries of Yaupon Holly. Yaupon Holly is an evergreen shrub or tree and grows up...

Japanese Holly

Japanese Holly is suitable for hedge wood because this shrub grow very dense like a box wood. The leaves of Japanese H...

False Holly Tea Olive – Sasaba

These are leaves of Sasaba False Holly Tea Olive. This tree grow slowly up to 3m (10 feet) in the area of partial shad...

Japanese Chestnut

Japanese Chestnuts are almost going to fall down. You can see another pictures for Japanese Chestnut here.

Red Hot Poker – Torch Lily

Red Hot Poker is often call Torch Lily. This plant is drought and heat tolerant and very easy to grow. And this is...
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Lamb’s Ear – Stachys Byzantina

Stachys Byzantina is usually called as Lamb’s Ear because it’s leaves look (or feel) like lamb’s ears (see the pict...
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