Wild Birds

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Flowers of Spring Sonata Indian Hawthorne

Spring Sonata Indian Hawthorne is evergreen hybrid shrub and grows 1.8m (6 feet) height and width. This shrub forms ve...

Fruits of Leatherleaf Mahonia

These cluster fruits are young ones of Leatherleaf Mahonia. These green fruits will become purple color in autumn and ...

Inkberry Holly

Inkberry Holly is popular evergreen shrub in south east area of USA. This shrub is strong and easy to grow in most of...

Yellow Berry American Holly

American Holly is popular in southern area of US. This evergreen holly grows slowly in dry or wet area up to 15m heig...

Yellow Berries of Dahoon Holly

This photo is Dahoon Holly. This holly is popular in the south east area of USA. Dahoon Holly prefers to grow in the w...

Berries of Heavenly Bamboo

We call Heavenly Bamboo as “Nanten (南天)”. In Japan we are using whole of this plant as some medicines even though the ...

Yaupon Holly

This photo is showing the leaves and berries of Yaupon Holly. Yaupon Holly is an evergreen shrub or tree and grows up...
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