Tradescantia Pallida

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Tradescantia  Pallida

Cute Flower of Tradescantia Pallida

Tradescantia Pallida is an easy to grow evergreen perennial plant. As you can see in the pictures, the color of this plant is dark purple, for this unique color this plant often used as a border plant or a ground cover plant even though this plant is not so strong against coldness (in many case even damaged in winter, Tradescantia Pallida can regrow from it’s root in Spring). And also this plant is used as house plant in a hanging basket or in a small pot inside a house so that you can enjoy this purple plant through years.

Even though Tradescantia Pallida can grow in shade area, it is better to grow half shade area for better foliage. And this plant is not so sensitive to soil types so you can plant this plant without worrying about soil.

Tradescantia Pallidas is also well known as “Purple Heart” or “Purple Queen” and bloom cute three petals tiny flowers in summer season as you can see on the pictures. Purple Heart is native to Mexico.

Flowers of Purple Heart

Flowers of Purple Heart

Foliage of Tradescantia  Pallida

Foliage of Tradescantia Pallida


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