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Japanese Cleyera

Japanese Cleyera is evergreen shrub and grow 4.5m (25 feet) height and 3m (10 feet) width in sunny or partial shade area. This shrub is used for many different purpose such as hedge, screen, container plant etc because beauty of its shiny leaves and fragrant...
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Hardy Pittosporum

Hardy Pittosporum is evergreen shrub and very good as landscape plant and hedge plant. Hardy Pittosporum grows 3.6m (12 feet) height and width and has fragrant flowers in spring.
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Eurya Emarginata

This photo is for leaves and buds of Eurya Emarginata. Eurya Emarginata is an evergreen shrub and popular in Japan, Korea and China. This tree grows 1.8m (6 feet) height and width. We call this tree “Hamahisakaki (浜姫榊)” and often plant in a park and...
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Leaves of Deodar Cedar

Deodar Cedar is a plant from Himalaya where this evergreen tree grows 60m (200 feet) height. But usually we found 18m (60 feet) height and 12m (40 feet) width range trees for cultivation. This tree forms pyramidal shape and lower branches sweep ground. The lengths...
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Courtesy Leaf

This leaves picture is for Courtesy Leaf. Courtesy Leaf is native plant of Taiwan and not popular in USA. This evergreen shrub has habit to grow roundly and grows about 4.5m (15 feet) height and width in the area of full sun or partial shade...
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Buds of Old Type Camellia

This Camellia is old style one (not developed for gardening purpose) so the leaves and buds are smaller than the well known Japanese Camellia. This camellia grows up to 3m (10feet) height and width.
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Red Berries of Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is popular plant in Japan and we enjoy this plant by developing its leaves in several color patterns even though the red berries of this plant are also attractive as you can see on the picture. We call Sacred Lily as “Omoto (万年青)”...
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Meserve Holly

Meserve Holly is known as Blue Holly because the leaves color of this holly are bluish green. This holly is a hybrid shrub for adding cold hardiness to a beautiful holly. So this holly can be grown in northern USA area easily. Meserve Holly Grows...
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English Ivy

English Ivy is not native plant of USA but by its invasive character, this Ivy is very popular in the states which face Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. English Ivy is a evergreen plant so when it climb up some old building it create some...
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Himalayan Spruce

Himalayan Spruce is of course native of Himalayan Mountains. This evergreen tree grows 24m height and sometime reach to 42m (140 feet) height. The leaves of Himalayan Spruce are sharply pointed as you can see on this picture. This tree grows well on the moderately...
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