Red Berries of Sacred Lily

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Red Berries of Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily

Sacred Lily is popular plant in Japan and we enjoy this plant by developing its leaves in several color patterns even though the red berries of this plant are also attractive as you can see on the picture. We call Sacred Lily as “Omoto (万年青)” in Japan and the meaning of the Kanji letters is green for ten thousands year because Sacred Lily is evergreen perennial plant. This plant is not popular in USA but it is good as ground covers or as foliage plant.


  1. Cynthia says:

    Sacred Lily is a wonderful dark green perennial. I have several in my garden and the lovely red berries are an extra surprise. They can be divided, love the shade, are evergreen, drought and cold tolerant (I live in NC), and need little to no care. What more could you ask from a plant.

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