Everblooming Banana Shrub

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Foliages of Everblooming Banana Shrub

Evergreen Foliages of Banana Shrub

Buds of Everblooming Banana Shrub

Buds of Everblooming Banana Shrub

Banana Shrub is a easy to grow evergreen flowering shrub and grow up to 6m (20 feet) height and 4.5m (15 feet) width. This shrub can be planted almost any light condition and pretty tough against dry condition. And the flowers of this plant are very alike the flower of magnolia even though the sizes of them are very small (about one inch diameter) and as the name is implying the smell of the flowers is like banana. So for enjoying the flower fragrance, Banana Shrubs are often planted near windows. This plant is native to South East of China.


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