Pink Flowers of Celosia – Flamingo Feather

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Celosia - Flamingo Feather

Pink Flowers of Flamingo Feather

Celosia - Flamingo Feather

Celosia – Flamingo Feather

Celosia is easy to grow plant and it doesn’t need almost any care after sowing seeds in your garden in spring after frost left. Celosia is annual herbaceous plant and grow about 60cm (2 feet) height. This plant prefers to grow well in full sun area and blooms flowers in summer and continue blooming to late fall season.

Celosia is told as native to Africa, this plant was cultivated in several area of the world. Ans this plant is not only used as cut flowers and dry flowers, also used as herb. And also in some area such as Africa and Asia this plant is used as popular vegetable.

The cultivar name of these picture plants are “Flamingo Feather”. They are showy and attract bees well.


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