flowers native to japan


Flowers of Japanese Pieris

These cute white flowers are Japanese Pieris ones. This evergreen shrub is often called as Lily of the Valley Shrub be...

Japanese Camellia Tree with Flowers

This photo is for Japanese Camellia trees and flowers.

Pink Japanese Camellia Flower

Pink Color Japanese Camellia Flower.

White and Pink Color Japanese Camellia Flower

White and pink color mixed Japanese Camellia Flower.

Flower of Japanese Camellia

This pink flower is a Kind of Japanese Camellia. I took a few pictures for Japanese Camellia, so I post all of them in...

White Flowers of Japanese Apricot

These white flowers are Japanese Apricot. You can see pink version of these flowers on the old post. The flowers of Ja...
Plant Others

Japanese Sweet Flag

Japanese Sweet Flag is perennial grass like plant. This plant prefers to grow in wet areas even though it can grow re...

Japanese Euonymus

Japanese Euonymus is an evergreen shrub and grows 2.4m (8 feet) height and width in full sun or partial shade area. Th...

Japanese Cleyera

Japanese Cleyera is evergreen shrub and grow 4.5m (25 feet) height and 3m (10 feet) width in sunny or partial shade ar...

Pink Flowers of Japanese Apricot

These pink flowers are Japanese Apricot (sorry for bad photo quality). Japanese Apricot bloom in late winter and the f...
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