Leaves of Longstalk Holly

Longstalk Holly is evergreen shrub or tree and grows up to 6m (20 feet) height and width. The berries have long stalk...

Yellow Berries of Dahoon Holly

This photo is Dahoon Holly. This holly is popular in the south east area of USA. Dahoon Holly prefers to grow in the w...

Dwarf Chinese Holly

This photo is for Dwarf Chinese Holly. This evergreen shrub grows up to 1.2 m (4feet) height. This holly has bright sh...

Yaupon Holly

This photo is showing the leaves and berries of Yaupon Holly. Yaupon Holly is an evergreen shrub or tree and grows up...

Full Moon Maple

I took this photo of Full Moon Maple on September 2nd, so the color of leaves are still green. But in late October the...

European Linden

This photo is leaves of European Linden tree. This tree grows 20m height and used as a kind of herb. Here you can see ...

Fruits of Kousa Dogwood

This photo is beautiful fruits of Kousa Dogwood. Seeing these fruits from a distance is cheerful and beautiful.

Japanese Chestnut

Japanese Chestnuts are almost going to fall down. You can see another pictures for Japanese Chestnut here.

Red Hot Poker – Torch Lily

Red Hot Poker is often call Torch Lily. This plant is drought and heat tolerant and very easy to grow. And this is...

Leaves of Crimean Linden

This photo is leaves of Crimean Linden. The color of Crimean Linden change from light green in spring to bright yell...
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