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Yellow Flowers of Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis (Pot Marigold) is a short term perennial plant and often treated like as annual plant. Calendula Officinalis is one of most easy to grow herbal plant and prefers to grow in full sun area in almost any well drain soil types (sandy to...
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Female Sharp Shinned Hawk

This time Female Sharp Shinned Hawk caught a male Brown Headed Cowbird which was at the feeder of my yard. Sharp Shinned Hawk appeared suddenly and attacked the prey. This Female Sharp Shinned Hawk stayed there for a few minutes standing on the prey for...
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Flowers of Phlox Subulata

Phlox Subulata is an evergreen perennial plant and blooms small but beautiful flowers over the foliages in spring season for quite a long term. Phlox Subulata grows up to 15cm(6 inches) height and 50cm(20 inches) width in full sun (or partial shade) area so this...
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Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawks are pretty common hawk in this area (upper state of South Carolina). These photos are taken in a relatively open woodland area. This hawk flied just a few meter s away from me and perched on a tree and was looking around...
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Brown Headed Cowbird

Brown Headed Cowbirds are a little bit smaller than Cardinals and except mating season they form flocks. These pictures were taken early March of this year and they were still forming a flock when they came to my bird feed stand. They are a little...
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Smiling Forest Lily Tree

Smiling Forest Lily Tree is a medium size Magnolia. This magnolia is an evergreen tree and grows 9m (30 feet) height or more. This magnolia prefers to grow full sun or partial shade area with well drained moist soil. Smiling Forest Lily Tree blooms fragrant...
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Male American Robin

American Robin is very common yard bird (even though American Robin can be seen most of the area of USA). The sizes of American Robin are a little bit smaller than Eurasian Collared Doves. Mostly American Robins are seen on ground looking for earth warms....
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Prunus Laurocerasus “Schipkaensis”

Prunus Laurocerasus-Schipkaensis is a botanical name of Skip Laurel. Skip Laurel is a evergreen shrub and grows around 4.5m (15 feet) height and 2.4m (8feet) width in full or partial shade area. This shrub blooms white tiny cluster flowers in spring season (on these pictures,...
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