Prunus Laurocerasus “Schipkaensis”

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Buds of Prunus Laurocerasus-Schipkaensis

Skip Laurel - Prunus Laurocerasus "Schipkaensis"

Prunus Laurocerasus-Schipkaensis is a botanical name of Skip Laurel. Skip Laurel is a evergreen shrub and grows around 4.5m (15 feet) height and 2.4m (8feet) width in full or partial shade area. This shrub blooms white tiny cluster flowers in spring season (on these pictures, they are still buds and just started blooming). Prunus Laurocerasus-Schipkaensis forms dense dark green foliages and suitable for screen shrub or hedge shrub. Even though Skip Laurel is pretty easy to grow shrub but prefer moist and well drained soil for forming solid shape.

Prunus Laurocerasus "Schipkaensis" - Skip Laurel

Buds and Foliages of Skip Laurel


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