Monarchs and Butterfly Bush

This Butterfly Bush attracted many Monarch butterflies around its flowers on these beautiful fall days.

Glossy Abelia

Glossy Abelia is an evergreen (or semi-evergreen in northern area) shrub and prefers to grow in full sun or partial s...


Even though Okra is pretty popular vegetable, this plant is also one of flowering plants and close species of Hibiscus...

Sichuan Deutzia

Even though the flower shape and color are not alike Hydrangea, Sichuan Deutzia is a member of Hydrangea. I took this...

Cassia – Caesalpiniaceae

Cassia is a member plant of bean or pea family even though this plant grows 1.8m (6 feet) height and a kind of shrubs...

Cotinus Grace – American Smoke Bush

American Smoke Bush is a deciduous shrub or small tree and grows up to 4.5m (15 feet) height and width and prefers to ...

Pink Flowers of Pentas – Butterfly Deep Rose

Pentas is also known as Egyptian Star or Egyptian Starflower. This summer flowering annual plants prefers to grow in f...

Flowers of Lilium Asiaticum – Asiatic Lily

Lilium Asiaticums are known as Asiatic Lilies and they have many cultivars. Lilium Asiaticums are wonderful plants fo...

Fuller’s Teasel

Fuller's Teasel is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. This plant grows up to 1.8m (6 feet) height and 40cm (16 i...

Beautiful Flower of Dahlia

Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers because I think the flowers of dahlia are very gorgeous as you can see on these p...
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