Columnar Boxwood

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Columnar Boxwood

Columnar Boxwood

Again sorry for the bad quality picture. The centered thin tree is a Columnar Boxwood. I tried to focus on this tree with my camera but the result is unclear where the focus is on. Maybe you’ll find more this level quality picture more in the future, too.


  1. doreen says:

    Chad- do you know which variety of boxwood this is? I am trying to find a columnar boxwood for my landscape but need it to be very narrow like this one.

  2. admin says:

    Sorry I forgot the detail and also forgot the place where I took the picture.

  3. olin says:

    The latin name of the boxwood you want is buxus simpervivens fastigiata. I have found some that are 5′ or 6′ at the local nursery for about $100. Good luck.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you Olin.

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