Flower of Japanese Stewartia

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Flower of Japanese Stewartia

Flower of Japanese Stewartia

Japanese Stewartia is a deciduous tree and very good as landscape plant for it beautiful white flowers in late spring to early summer and fall foliage color. Japanese Stewartia prefers fullsun or partial shade area and grows slowly to 12m (40 feet) height and 9m (30 feet) width. Japanese Stewartia is native to Japan.


  1. Susan Dominick says:

    I just purchased a Japanese Stewartia tree (in a container) and there are no buds on the tree. I was told that it did flower at the nursery last year. All the other trees that I looked at in other nurseries had loads of buds on them, which were also in containers. My question is, can the trees bloom one year and then skip a year? I am concerned that perhaps I am not getting a healthy tree.

  2. admin says:

    Japanese Stewartia blooms flowers each year so your stewartia is something wrong.

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