Aquatic Plants

Flower of Tropical Water Lily

Tropical Water Lily is a popular flower for garden ponds. It is very easy to take care of them if you have a suffic...

Butterfly Bush

As the name indicate Butterfly Bush attract butterfly well. So if you want invite butterflies in your garden, try th...

Kalm St. Johnswort

Sorry for the bad quality picture. I tried to focus on the flower of Kalm St. Johnswort, but my camera focused on th...

Little Leaf Boxwood

We can see this shrubs in many places such as park as a hedge tree. Sometime this shrub is called as Japanese Boxwoo...

Chinese Toon

Chinese Toon is known as vegetable tree. In China they eat young leaves and shoots of this tree as vegetable. I don'...

Columnar Boxwood

Again sorry for the bad quality picture. The centered thin tree is a Columnar Boxwood. I tried to focus on this tree...

Evergreen Spicewood

These leaves are Evergreen Spicewood. Leaves of Evergreen Spicewood are dark green color and they are a little bit...

White Daffodil Flower

This is another white daffodil flower photo. I have more daffodil pictures and I'll add them someday later.
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