White Flowers of Windflower

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White Flowers of Windflower

Windflower is a kind of Anemone that has several kinds of species and several different flower colors. Windflower is an easy to grow perennial plant, and usually prefers to grow in partial shade area even though it can grow well in full sun area too. Windflowers are often preferred as garden plants because of the easiness for taking care of them and their variety of flower colors and often used as cutting flowers.


  1. mamim says:

    I have a picture of this kind of flower ,I took this picture from a small park in Auckland. I don’t know it’s name and try to find the picture that similar to my picture, and I found the only one from this web.So the name of this flower is windflower no other specific name isn’t it. Thanks.

  2. admin says:

    As I described in this post, Windflower is a kind of Anemone and there is a few other common names. You can check here.

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